This is a tribute page to a person that has touched so many lives. His personality, his career, his being part of the family… his just being Harry… it all remains in our hearts and memories forever.

Going through the pages here will hopefully make you get to know a little bit of whom Harry W. Morgan was to so many of us. Harry was the type of person that you meet just once but changes your entire life vision. It’s hard to describe him in words but the best would probably be: love, smile, understanding, firm, strong, optimistic, intelligent, intuitive, comforting, and encouraging. He had eyes that could read your emotions in an instant and a heart that could take in the entire humanity. He taught us that we, just as you, can make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. He made that difference for us. We’re trying to make this difference for you and we hope that you will for others. This way, he will live forever.

Harry was a world citizen, having visited over 100 countries. He got to know the world. Here’s hoping this page will allow the entire world to get to know him.

The photos, videos and text come from the family archive or from friends who were kind enough to share them with us. A very warm “Thank you” goes to all of them for making this possible.